Warranty for Spare Parts

All Spares Warranty Policy covers free of charge replacement of a faulty product within 1 month* if a necessary spare part is available in stock. Otherwise, the complaint will be redirected to the manufacturer or/and the money paid for the item will be returned to the customer’s account.

The warranty is provided for a period of 1 month from the date of the Delivery. However, there are some products that have specific warranty terms and conditions. Please contact the sales manager to find out the warranty details.

Warranty does not cover any expenses for shipping to the company any damaged items and shipping of the repair/exchange items to the customer.

Any possible product damage or loss during the transportation is not covered by the warranty either. It is, therefore, strongly advised to check the package content for compliance with the packing list in the presence of an authorized representative of the delivery company.

We offer our customers free qualified technical support.

TOUCH LCD HOUSE Online Shop reserves the right to reject customer’s warranty claim in cases specified below:

  • the protective film and warranty seals on LCD or touchscreen are removed or damaged. Please, check the product serviceability before removing the protective film and seals;
  • the protective film or warranty seal is re-glued;
  • the flat cable has visible marks of damage or usage;
  • ICs and small spare parts have soldering trace except for the flat cable;
  • the warranty period has expired;
  • violation of service regulations;
  • the product has been modified or used for unintended purposes
  • the product has been damaged under mechanical, thermal, electrical, etc. misusing;
  • the warranty doesn`t cover careless usage of the item (ingress of alien fragments and liquids on spare parts or in devices, electrostatic discharges, misusage of voltage, and other external factors).

The customer should enquire about our sales manager for the exact terms and conditions before shipping back the product under warranty.

As a customer-oriented company, we are always open to communication with our clients. We believe in our mutually beneficial cooperation.

Warranty for LCD Module Repair Equipment

Warranty for LCD module repair equipment covers 6 months from the moment of shipping the item to the client.
The warranty only covers hardware items.

Warranty for Flash & Unlock Products

Warranty for service products covers 6 months from the moment of shipping the item to the client. Warranty does not cover virtual goods (logs, credits, and activations).

The warranty covers only the hardware part of an item and does not include cables and accessories.

The company does not guarantee the correct work of the software, unless it is related to the hardware, and does not hold any responsibility for any damage caused by misuse of software or service product.

Warranty for products from "The Stock Shop" section covers 14 days from the moment of shipping the item to the client.

Warranty for Repair Equipment

The warranty for repair equipment covers 6 months from the moment of shipping the item to the client. Some items may have a longer warranty period. You can get all the details about it from our sales managers.

The warranty only covers hardware items.

Warranty and Return Policy

Our company is not responsible or liable if the package is shipped back to us, damaged or confiscated due to problems. 

Our company is not responsible or liable for damaged packages or those shipped back to us in the event that the designated courier service failed to deliver your package(s) to the given destination address after several attempts (due to your absence).

If the customer receives a parcel with damaged items, he/she shall do the following:

  1. report the damage to the delivery company and take photos/Video of damaged items/parcel;
  2. make a claim against the delivery company for the damaged items/parcel for the same amount as declared in the invoice;
  3. refuse to pay the delivery cost;
  4. request delivery company to send back and resend the goods free of charge.

Please take into consideration that the seller's responsibility ceases when the product has been shipped off to the address specified by the customer.
Our warranty does not cover the risks of product(s) damage or loss within the responsibility of the delivery company. Therefore, please check the parcel right upon receipt and compare the content with the packing list in the presence of the courier. Our company is not responsible or liable for any faults discovered after you have accepted the parcel. If your package is lost by the delivery company, you should claim against them directly. However, take into consideration that they will compensate for the lost products only within the amount at risk indicated in the invoice according to your request.
The shipping expenses for damaged equipment delivery both ways to and from the customer's site are not covered by the warranty, except for the situations, when the customer receives dead on arrival product with "Tested" sticker.