Price Range

At, we offer competitive pricing tailored to the services provided. Our pricing is determined based on factors such as complexity, time required, and the quality of the service delivered. Prices are quoted in INR (Indian Rupee) and will be communicated to you prior to engaging our services.

Price Matching

We strive to provide you with the best prices possible. If you find an identical item, including color and size, available from a comparable retailer, we're happy to match their price. However, we are unable to match prices from auction sites, outlet stores, or retailers offering discount promotions, shipping offers, or gift card promotions.

Pricing Accuracy

While we make every effort to ensure accurate pricing, errors may occur. If an item's price is higher than displayed, we will notify you and cancel the order for that item.

Shopping Cart

Prices in your Shopping Cart reflect the current price displayed on the item's product details page. Please note that prices may change from the time the item is added to your cart.