TOUCH LCD HOUSE parts are divided into the following quality classes:

  • Copy (AAA) is an inexpensive budget copy made of cheap raw materials. Therefore, it has a short service life. These spare parts differ fundamentally from original parts in terms of quality and cost.
  • High Copy (HC) is also a budget copy, close to the original in its characteristics. Accessories are made of materials, similar in quality to the original. They can differ from the original in brightness, color contrast, sound, quality of plastic, etc. The Copy class spare parts are very often sold under the guise of High Copy class. If another site offers a significantly lower price on the same product than our site offers, be sure that they sell a cheap copy.
  • Original PRC is a high quality original spare part. This class of spare parts includes original components. In some cases, it is possible to use components. Such spare parts are mentioned in the product name.
  • The Original PRC class includes display modules with the following characteristics:

    • Change Glass is a spare part consisting of an original display, a touch screen, and generic top glass made in China. The spare part quality, its performance, and the image quality does not differ from the original one. Such module costs are slightly less than the original one.
    • Original Glass is an original spare part, assembled at a certified factory, with an original display, touch screen, and top glass. Depending on the brand and model, the top glasses used are Dragontrail Glass, Sapphire Crystal Glass, Gorilla Glass, etc. The quality of Original Glass displays is exactly the same as the quality of original displays installed into smartphones at factories. These parts are expensive, but their price is justified.
    • Self-welded is a spare part of the original components. It is assembled at a private enterprise. The assembly quality and some characteristics may slightly differ from the original. Prices on Self-welded spare parts are slightly lower than the prices of the original.

Unfair sellers sell High Copy class spare parts under the guise of the original. If the price is significantly lower than the price on our website, this is a High-Quality copy.

We recommend that you install spare parts in specialized service centers or approach reliable and trusted specialists. Incorrect installation leads to damaged components or a damaged spare part in general. In such cases, the warranty terms do not apply. 



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